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U Speaker Micro

The smallest speaker in the market. This coin sized speaker delivers unbelievable sound and includes a selfie remote control to capture your photos as well as a pairing option for the ultimate surround sound experience. U will not believe the sound this speaker makes!


  • Playtime up to 3 hours 
  • Battery: 3.7V/220mAh
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.2
  • Product Size: 1.10 in. 
  • Product Weight: 1.23 oz.
  • Comes with Micro USB to USB charging cord


Q: How do I connect the speaker to my phone using bluetooth?

A: To connect your U speaker turn on the speaker by pressing the power button for a few seconds until you hear a sound indicator and the blue lights come on Turn on your device and activate the Bluetooth function Search for Bluetooth pairing name “Uspeaker” and click to pair, the speaker will pair automatically

Q: How do I connect my U Speaker to my computer? 

A: (see below)


1. Click on bluetooth sign in the header bar. 

2. Connect to the speaker by pressing down on the speaker until you see a blue light. 

3. U Speaker in the list and click connect. At this point you should hear a sound indicating it's been connected. 

4. Click on your settings app and scroll to the sound settings. Change the output from the computer to USpeaker and all sounds from the computer will come through the speaker. 


Click on Bluetooth in your downbar and select settings. 

Click on Add Bluetooth. Choose Bluetooth Device, and then find U Speaker. You should hear a clicking sound indicating that it is connected. 

Q: How do I pair two micros together? 

A: Turn on and connect only one of the U micro speakers by Bluetooth to your device, and begin playing music. Turn on the second U micro but do not connect it by Bluetooth to your device. Your first U micro will be the main speaker. Wait briefly for the second U micro to automatically pair to the main speaker.

 If the speakers do not pair automatically, double click on your main U micro (the one connected by Bluetooth) and you will hear a sound indicating that the micros are paired. It may take a few seconds to complete pairing. Once the speakers are paired, The first (main) speaker will show a flashing light and the second speaker will show a steady light.

*IF you are using a devise that has been previously paired to a U speaker, it is necessary to “Forget this Device”. To do so, tap settings, tap Bluetooth, tap the icon to the far right, then tap “Forget this Device”.  After doing this once, you will have completed the necessary setup for future uses. 

Q: How do I take a photo with the speaker? 

A: To take a photo with the speaker, make sure that the speaker is connected through bluetooth to the phone. Click on the camera app and press the button on the back of the speaker and you should hear a camera sound which means you have successfully taken a photo with your speaker! 

Q: What to do if your text keyboard becomes disabled?

A: If your device keyboard becomes disabled, it is in camera remote mode. To deactivate camera remote mode, press twice on the power button and you will hear a disable sound. 


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