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Everlasting Hair Tie - Glitter

Tie in hair, or wear as bracelet.

Mix and match.

Diameter of band: 2.75 in
Width of coil: 0.5 in

Unbreakable from daily use (withstands over 30 lbs of tension!)


Creaseproof (but not in wet hair or with hair product!)



Strong grip

Gentle for all hair

One Year Warranty guaranteed

Snow Glitter
Blush Glitter
Silver Glitter
Gunmetal Glitter
Yellow Glitter
Citrus Glitter
Sand Glitter
Bronze Glitter
Burnt Glitter
Pink Glitter
Fuchsia Glitter
Garnet Glitter
Lilac Glitter
Amethyst Glitter
Cerulean Glitter
Arctic Glitter
Seafoam Glitter

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